Friday, February 14, 2014

Student Created Content- Book Movie Trailers

Novel Book Trailer Project

After reading an article on Edutopia, Redefining the Writing Process with iPads, I decided to use some of the tips and ideas presented at the bottom of the article on something new to do and try with the iPads. I was currently looking for a way to revamp what the project would look like for my students once they were done with their novels so this was perfect timing. The playlist below contains some of the book trailers from ALL of my classes (honors and regular) the students were supposed to share what the novel was about, include the theme of the novel, include sound effects that correlated with the storyline, and cite their sources. 

To prepare for the project the students read the novels, then worked through a packet on: theme, setting, plot line, storyboards, and worked on brainstorming audio and visual elements to correspond with the story. They used iMovie and then had to problem solve on movie vs. trailer options, as well as adding in the background music and sound effects. Some used the sounds from iMovie, others even went so far as to use Garage band to make their own background music!